ManpowerGroup Annual Survey Reveals Canadian Talent Shortages Persist

Whether you’re a hiring manager, employer, looking for your next opportunity or currently employed, the talent shortage affects everyone in the Canadian workforce.

Results of ManpowerGroup’s ninth annual Talent Shortage Survey look at the extent to which employers are having difficulty finding the right talent, which jobs are the most difficult to fill, and subsequently, where you’ll find the most opportunity if you’re looking for a new job.

Top 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill

ManpowerGroup's Talent Shortage Survey identified the 2014 top 10 most difficult jobs for employers to fill in Canada.

  • 1Skilled Trade Workers
  • 2Management/Executives
  • 3Sales Representatives
  • 4Engineers
  • 5Technicians
  • 6Drivers
  • 7Accounting & Finance Staff
  • 8Customer Service & Support
  • 9IT Staff
  • 10Administrative Assistants

As a job seeker...

As a job seeker, target your job search on the hardest to fill jobs. in these areas.

Do you agree?

Do you agree with the list of Hardest Jobs to Fill? Let us know! #TalentShortage

As an employer...

As an employer, understand your competition for in-demand talent. and what other employers are doing.

2014 Talent Shortage Survey Infographic

View the high-level results of the ManpowerGroup 9th annual Talent Shortage Survey.
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2014 Talent Shortage White Paper

The Talent Shortage Continues: How the Ever Changing Role of HR Can Bridge the Gap.
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Talent Shortage Interactive Tool

Navigate and compare current and past results of the survey across 42 countries.
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Canadian Employers Struggle to Fill Jobs

See how the Canadian Talent Shortage compares globally.

Why are Employers Having Difficulty?

Mission-critical jobs are hard to fill and Canadian employers tell us why.

What impact does the Talent Shortage have on employers?

The ability to meet client needs is impacted by the talent shortage.

How is the skills gap most likely to impact employers?

Employers are impacted by the talent shortage and skills gap.

How Are Employers Addressing Talent Shortages?

Employers are pursuing strategies to overcome hiring difficulties.

   Job Seekers

Are you in demand? Do you have the skills, experience, flexibility, availability and attitude employers are looking for? As a job seeker, focus your job search on the hardest-to-fill jobs.

Hardest Jobs to Fill in 2014

Employers told their top 10 hardest jobs to fill in 2014. So, if you’re looking for your next opportunity, consider these jobs employers are hiring for right now.

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Looking For Other Jobs Available Now?

If you’re looking for staff positions such as administrative, sales, human resources, contact centre, manufacturing, industrial, operations and more, click here.

Experience and top skills will always take you places. To find professional opportunities in highly skilled areas of IT, Finance or Engineering, click here.


No matter the environment, finding the right candidate is always difficult. Employers worldwide continue to struggle with a lack of available talent and ongoing challenge to fill vacancies as having a negative impact on business performance. As an employer, understand your competition for in-demand talent.

How are you addressing the talent shortage?

Do you agree with the list of Hardest Jobs to Fill?
Let us know! #TalentShortage

Contact us to learn more how the talent shortage impacts your organization and customized strategies and solutions to address and overcome the challenges.

Learn more about the 2014 Talent Shortage, Top 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill and strategies you can pursue to overcome the talent shortage on Thursday, July 17.

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