2018 Canadian Talent Shortage Survey

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Hardest Roles to Fill

In Canada, skilled trade workers (electricians, welders, mechanics), sales representatives, drivers, engineers, and technicians are hard to come by.

1. Skilled Trades
2. Sales Representatives
3. Drivers
4. Technicians
5. Engineers
6. IT
7. Office Support
8. Health care professionals
9. Professionals
10. Teachers

If you're searching for a job, explore these roles and other open opportunities.

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Why Can’t Canadian employers fill jobs?

The increasing sophistication of technology in the workplace is rendering some skill sets obsolete, while increasing the demand for others. More and more employers are struggling to find candidates who can meet the needs of changing and emerging roles.

Top Drivers of the Talent Shortage
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  •  Lack of applicants
  •  Lack of experience
  •  Applicants lack required hard skills
  •  Applicants lack required soft skills
  •  Applicants expect higher pay than offered
  •  Applicants expecting better benefits than offered
  •  An issue specific to my organization
  •  Other/don’t know

A lack of applicants, lack of experience, and lack of hard skills are the top drivers of talent shortages in 2018.

The increased focus on customer service and last mile delivery across virtually every industry means organizations are looking for candidates with the right blend of hard skills and human strengths. Technical competency must be complemented by good communication skills, efficient problem-solving, and excellent customer service.