Solutions for a Skills Revolution:

Skilling Up North America for the Future of Work

The increasing digitization of the workplaces is making business leaders eager to quantify technology’s impact on employment. Much has been written on the topic, with people predicting more jobs, different jobs, fewer jobs, even no jobs!

However, few are telling people they will need new skills and will need to update them more often to stay employable.

In the Human Age, those with the right skills will prove most resilient to change.

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My Path by Manpower

Manpower is reskilling and developing workers with MyPath, a suite of career resources that includes education, assessments, and training.

Meet Paige, one of our Associates. After meeting with a Manpower recruiter who stopped at nothing to nurture her potential and “light the fire” within, Paige gave a spectacular interview with our client and happily accepted the “next-level” job she had been searching for.

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In an era where technological innovation is constantly accelerating the pace of change, professional success is increasingly being determined by an individual's ability to learn new skills and adapt to changing conditions.

The Learnability Quotient™ (LQ) helps job seekers understand their learning styles and receive personalized recommendations on how to develop and engage further in their career to remain relevant.

Insights into LQs can help organizations build and expand relevant, resilient, motivated workforces.

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Together with Hogan X, ManpowerGroup has developed a web-based visual assessment to identify each individual's LQ.


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